Great Places to Go Hiking in the State of Colorado

After you cross into the state of Colorado by car, you are going to want to find a couple places to stay. You might be going cross-country to see the United States. There are several places that you can go hiking if you want to experience all of the incredible scenery that this state can provide. Here are some of the top destinations that many people find themselves when they get to Colorado, places that you will definitely be taking pictures of and posting online.

Garden Of The Gods

Although the name seems a bit strange, it’s actually reflective of the many incredible natural rock formations that are in this particular area. You are going to have to travel to Colorado Springs and get a hotel, and then you can start doing some hiking. Many of the places that you visit will have private tours that you can take. They will actually allow you to do rockclimbing, or check out the entire area with the Segway tour. You can also take a jeep into the off-road areas to really get to experience the beautiful scenery.

Pikes Peak

Another place that you should visit is called Pike’s Peak. This is also in Colorado Springs. This city is actually just south of Denver. If you are to keep going, you would head into Pueblo, and other beautiful locations. At this particular one, you can take a train to see the entire area, or you can simply do a little bit of hiking. It is important to address so that you can strip off layers because it’s going to be much colder at the top. It will provide you with incredible views that you can take pictures of that friends and family will love.

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